Upgrading Your Graphics: Best GPUs to pair with i7 3770 Gaming Rig

Most people are most concerned about gaming when it comes to PCs and processors. People who use their computer systems primarily for their work might be interested in how well their Computer can run the games they choose. Best GPUs to pair with i7 3770  will be paired with the Budget graphics card, as well as the Mid-Range Graphics and High-End Gaming cards, to show you the differences in performance.

This CPU will also be tested in 720p (1080p), 1440p and 1520p. These three resolutions are the best to see how this CPU performs for gaming.

Let’s get into gaming.

Best GPUs to pair with i7 3770 Budget Graphics Card: Gaming Check

In the first check, I paired an Intel i7-3770 with a Nvidia GTX 1650. The Nvidia GTX 1650 was designed for 1080p gaming, but I played four out of five video games at 720p. For the best results, I reduced image settings to Low or Medium.

You can see in the table that each sport had an average frame rate greater than 60 fps. This is to be expected since they are in 720p.

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Best GPUs to pair with i7 3770  Mid-Range graphics card – Gaming Check

I then paired the Intel Core I7-3770 with the Nvidia GTX 1660 6-Gb. This time, I tested all games at 1080p while remembering that this graphics card is more powerful. Intel i7-3770 has again shown that it is a top-notch 1080p gaming processor.

This time, I tweaked the settings for photos a little, but only 1 out of 5 games, with an average below 60 fps.

You can get even higher outcomes in case you lower your image settings.

Best GPUs to pair with i7 3770 with High-End graphics card – Gaming Test

In the final gaming look, I paired up the Intel Core i7-3770 with the Nvidia RTX-2060. Although some people may say that RTX isn’t a high-end graphics card, I believe that all RTX portrait cards want to be called this way.

This time, I wanted to see how well this CPU would guide RTX2060 in a 1440p (two-k) decision. The GPU is less important in 2k than the processor, but I wanted to test it for those playing 2k on this CPU.

Only Assassin’s Creed Odyssey averaged less than 60 fps. This shows us just how well Intel performed a similar task almost ten years ago when they made this CPU.

These video games are difficult to run, and the consequences they bring about are correct.

Compatibility Guide: Best GPUs to pair with i7 3770

You should pair the I7-3770 with a great photo card if you want the best performance for every sport and venture. You should first check that the GPU you choose is compatible with your CPU.

I’ll do it for you. I suggest two AMD graphics cards and two Nvidia graphics cards that could be the best with an I7 3770.

The Perfect GPU Match for Your i7 3770 CPU: A Comprehensive Review

AMD Rx580 and AMD RX590 are the best AMD Graphics cards for Intel Core I7-3770. These two graphics cards have 8 GB of memory and will be a real pleasure when paired with Intel Core i7.

Nvidia Graphics Card for Intel I7 3770

Nvidia GTX1660 and Nvidia GTX1660 Ti are the best Nvidia Graphics cards to pair with Intel’s middle i7-3770. These two graphics cards have 6GB memory and will work well with the Intel i7-3770.

If you own a form of card, you will still get a good performance even if you upgrade your processor.

You can read my post about Nvidia GTX1660 or Nvidia GTX1660 Ti by clicking the button below: Read My Post Regarding Nvidia GTX1660.

Intel I7 3770 Upgrade Processor: Which is the Best Processor to Upgrade To?

Upgrades from Intel i7-3770 are difficult to do. If you have an LGA 1155 motherboard, you may upgrade to the Intel Core i7-3770k if you do not want to replace the motherboard.

You’ll want to change your motherboard and processor, as well.

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Intel I7 3770: Upgrade to a Budget Processor?

AMD Ryzen 5 is the best “price range.” If you’d like to upgrade from an i7-3770 processor, you can purchase one. If you want to upgrade from i7 3770 to Ryzen 5 2600, you’ll need a new motherboard and RAM.

The Ryzen 5 2600 processor can do a lot in every project. This CPU, although it is also a few years old, will be a remarkable improvement following the Intel i7 3770, particularly when combined with a midrange GPU.

Intel I7 3770 Upgrade Processor: Which is the Best Upgrade?

Intel Core I5 is the best processor you can get if you want a good upgrade from i7-3770. After the upgrade, this six-core processor could be a game changer for your PC.

You’ll need to upgrade your RAM and motherboard if you use this processor.

This CPU will allow you to run any program or task you desire. However, for optimal performance, a high-quality Graphics Card is required.

What is the best time to buy an Intel Core I7-3770?

If you’re on a budget, or you have a motherboard that has a Lga1155 connector, consider buying the Intel i7-3770. It would help to purchase something newer, as the i7-3770 is still quite pricey.


Intel Core I7-3770 was a great processor back in the day. It’s even accurate today for some customers. Even so, everyone will only buy a ten-year-old processor by 2022. Especially now that there are a lot of newer, more affordable options. You should only buy it if you find it cheap and already have an LGA 1155 Motherboard with DDR3 RAM. However, you must keep in mind you will need a current Motherboard and RAM if you ever want to upgrade in the future.

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