Causes And Solution To Small Teeth

What exactly are small teeth?

Having small teeth, better known technically as microdontia, is a pathology that implies that one of the teeth is significantly smaller than the others. It is an anomaly that appears quite frequently in dental clinics and with an easy solution in most cases.

It can also happen that all the teeth are small if we compare them with the structure in which they are located, that is, the size of the jaws. In these cases, microdontia would be determined by the relationship between the size of the tooth and the other elements of the mouth.

Causes of small teeth
Causes of small teeth

Causes of small teeth

The causes of small teeth or microdontia can be varied. However, as we have just explained, it is convenient to differentiate between the two types of microdontia that we can find:

  1. Partial microdontia: is one in which one of the teeth is smaller than the others. It usually occurs in the upper lateral incisors, although it can occur in any tooth. It is common to see it in third molars and, occasionally, in premolars. In addition to the size, the shape of the affected tooth is usually also altered in these cases.
  2. Generalized microdontia: generalized microdontia affects all teeth, either in the upper arch, lower arch, or both. It is much rarer and is usually determined by hereditary factors.
solution for small teeth
solution for small teeth

Solution for small teeth

Naturally, the solution to grow the tooth is impossible, so solutions to place an artificial tooth must be resorted to. When it comes to treating small teeth, there are three different options:

  1. Restorations consist of using composite resins (composite) to complete the shape the tooth should have naturally. This is possible when the microdontia is not excessive. In those cases where the tooth is excessively small, this option is not viable.
  2. Crowns: crowns are one of the most common solutions since they allow us to redesign the affected tooth regardless of size. Both from an aesthetic and a functional standpoint, the results are extremely satisfactory.
  3. Aesthetic veneers are small sheets of ceramic or composite placed over the teeth. They are generally used to improve the aesthetics of those teeth that have suffered problems due to staining, blows, or serious cavities. They can also be used in the case of small teeth, especially in anterior teeth.

It should be noted that orthodontic treatment is usually carried out before carrying out any of the treatments described above. The reason is obvious: when a tooth is too small, the other teeth occupy its space.

Therefore, when returning a tooth to its normal size, it may be necessary to expand the available spaces and correctly align the other teeth with the new size.

We hope that these keys about the causes and solutions to the problem of small teeth have been useful to you, but if you still have doubts, do not hesitate to come and ask us!

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