Best Controllers for Mario Kart 8: Motion Control Settings

Thanks to all Nintendo’s first-party controllers supporting it, there are multiple ways to use motion controls in Best Controllers for Mario Kart 8. However, nothing beats playing with two joy-con + GripGrip while the Switch is in docked mode.

The reason for this is that by using two joy-con, all other inputs remain the same, with the obvious inclusion of motion controls. As such, the only difference is that the steering becomes much more responsive and fun as you turn your controller like an actual steering wheel.

All Control Setups in Best Controllers for Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

First of all, one little complaint we have with the user interface in this game is that it sometimes turns on steering assist and auto-accelerating by default; it does this mostly in multiplayer when auto-detecting control schemes. After you pick a character, you determine which assist options you want (or none) in the vehicle select screen. On this screen, when you hit the + (or -) button, you see your vehicle stats, and also visible is a box with icons for steering assist, motion controls and auto-accelerate; toggle them on and off with the indicated buttons (more on this further down). For the record, motion controls can be used with any of the following control options.

In summary, you can play in the following ways, all applicable in docked or portable play:

  • Sideways Joy-Con – This can be done with or without a wheel; the peripheral makes no difference besides housing the controller and using bumpers to press the shoulder buttons. You can either use motion controls and ignore the analogue stick on the left or use button inputs; the latter also works but can be cramped for grown-up hands.
  • Two Joy-Con and the Grip – As you all know, the GripGrip bundled with every Switch turns the Joy-Con into a conventional-ish controller. So this is a good option for those who want to play with a standard feel of the joystick on the left, face buttons on the right and easily accessible shoulder buttons.
  • Pro Controller – This is pretty self-explanatory, and as the Switch iteration of this pad has the full set of features, you can even use it for motion controls.

All standard stuff; the key is remembering to check your settings on assist tools and motion controls so you don’t start a race and wonder why your character isn’t quite responding as expected.

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Motion Controls in Best Controllers for Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

This isn’t the first Best Controllers for Mario Kart 8 game to support motion controls – it was a major part of Mario Kart Wii and perhaps a lesser-used option in Mario Kart 7. There’s a generation of players for whom it’s the way to play, while players saying, “I’m using motion controls!” when playing online is a regular occurrence.

As for how they work in this Switch series entry, it’s the most substantial offering.

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Turning the motion control on is easy and done after you’ve selected your character. When on the screen where you choose your kart, wheels, and glider, press either the – or + button on your joy cons, which will make a sub-menu appear

From here, manoeuvre to the middle motion controls icon and press Y to turn the feature on or off. You can tell it’s activated with the two-way arrow above that same icon.

In addition to playing with two joy-con, you can also play motion control with the following controls

  • Joy-Con in portable mode (The motion controls are used by tilting the entire system)
  • Pro Controller (Also usable in both docked and portable; turn the controller to use the motion controls)
  • Single joy-con in wheel accessory (It’s possible to set a single joy-con as your controller, although it isn’t recommended due to it being tough to control)

Best Analog Settings in Mario Kart 8

The best analogue settings in Best Controllers for Mario Kart 8 are playing with the pro controller on docked or portable mode because of how easy it is. While it is rather expensive, the pro controller gives players the grip and steering advantage that is to be expected of an accessory of that price.

In addition to the pro controller, it’s possible to use:

  • Sideways joy-con (with or without a wheel)
  • Two joy con and a grip

Out of these two options, using two joy-con with a grip is more recommended, as it gives easy access to the shoulder buttons and provides a better grip when compared to the sideways joy-con.

Motion Control Options in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

There are multiple control options if you want to use motion controls, thanks to Nintendo’s first-party controllers all supporting the technology. Here are the basics of how it works with each setup:

  • Joy-Cons in portable mode – tilt the system with the Joy-Cons attached!
  • Joy-Cons + GripGrip in portable / docked – utilise your Joy-Con grip and tilt the controller like a wheel
  • Pro Controller in portable / docked – tile the controller like a wheel
  • Single Joy-Con in wheel accessory (portable/docked) – slot a Joy-Con into a wheel; details on ‘enabling’ this are below.

Final Thoughts

While these were the best controller settings for Best Controllers for Mario Kart 8, one unorthodox controller we didn’t mention was the wheel, which, while not too good for competitive play, is the most fun way to play the game.

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