UFC champion Aljamain Sterling guarantees a one-round victory over ‘frail’ Sean O’Malley: “I will split that man in half.”

Mixed martial arts (MMA) fans eagerly await one of the year’s most anticipated bouts as reigning UFC Bantamweight Champion Aljamain Sterling takes on Sean O’Malley for their title bout at Bantamweight. O’Malley is known for his flashy style and devastating knockout power; however, Sterling remains confident and guarantees victory within one round. Sterling has six victories and believes he will “fold that man in half.”

Sterling has been diligently training to retain his title against O’Malley. Although, simultaneously, O’Malley has recently been embroiled in some controversial matters such as a USADA suspension and questions surrounding weight-cutting controversies – neither has deterred Sterling, who remains confident in his abilities despite these obstacles.

This highly anticipated bout is set for UFC Fight Night: Las Vegas on July 10th.

Aljamain Sterling’s impressive UFC resume

Aljamain Sterling's impressive UFC resume
Aljamain Sterling’s impressive UFC resume

Aljamain Sterling is an unstoppable force in the Octagon, boasting an impressive 20-3 professional record and 20 wins in UFC competitions. Sterling has demonstrated his exceptional grappling abilities by winning 10 victories via submission – including one over Cory Sandhagen that earned him the Performance of the Night award. Sterling has proven his striking abilities by winning seven victories through knockout or technical knockout. He has successfully taken down renowned fighters such as Pedro Munhoz, Jimmie Rivera, and Brett Johns to become one of the dominant bantamweight fighters today. With his extensive skillset and experience base, many consider Sterling one of the premier bantamweight contenders today.

The potential intensity of Sterling and O’Malley’s fight

Sterling and O'Malley's fight
Sterling and O’Malley’s fight

Aljamain Sterling and Sean O’Malley’s fight has made waves within the MMA community. Sterling won his belt controversially earlier this year and has predicted he will defeat O’Malley within one round. However, Sterling has made no secret of his confidence, calling O’Malley frail and vowing to “fold that man in half.” O’Malley has also been performing impressively inside the Octagon, and many fans and analysts alike are curious to witness how O’Malley and Mayweather will matchup on fight night. Both fighters possess high levels of technical skill and athleticism, promising an exciting matchup for fans of mixed martial arts (MMA).

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Sterling’s assurance of victory against O’Malley

Sterling's assurance of victory against O'Malley
Sterling’s assurance of victory against O’Malley

Recently, UFC bantamweight champion Aljamain Sterling made headlines for declaring with confidence that he could defeat Sean O’Malley within one round. According to Sterling, O’Malley is an easy opponent he could defeat with his skills in the Octagon. During an interview with Submission Radio, Sterling made his remarks, expressing his belief that he is the division’s most deadly fighter. Furthermore, Sterling criticized O’Malley’s previous performances and claimed he could overcome them using his skills. This bold declaration caused much discussion within UFC circles, with many fans eagerly awaiting any potential matchup between the two fighters.


Aljamain Sterling appears confident entering his matchup against Sean O’Malley. He feels certain he can take O’Malley down and finish him in one round, despite O’Malley’s impressive record. Of course, only time will tell whether this prediction proves correct; one thing’s certain, though; should this fight to go ahead, it will certainly provide exciting UFC fan viewing!

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